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What is the difference between a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation and a Refrigerant Handling Licence?

scan0002A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation is a business level permit that allows a business to acquire, possess and dispose of refrigerants. (Licence No AU33672)
A Refrigerant Handling Licence is a technician level permit that allows the holder (the technician) to do certain types of work on refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. (Licence No L014040)

It is illegal to use a flammable refrigerant to recharge an automotive air conditioning system.
You wouldn’t inflate a tyre with LPG though, would you? Unfortunately, a worrying trend has emerged in the less reputable corners of Australia’s vehicle air-conditioning service industry, in which dodgy operators pump cheap, highly flammable gases into systems that were never designed for it.

What do I do if my car air conditioning isn’t working?

If your car air conditioning seems to not be working properly, there could be a refrigerant leak. All car air conditioners use refrigerant, which, if leaked into the atmosphere, will contribute to global warming. By law, if a leak exists, all faulty parts must be repaired or replaced before it is refilled with refrigerant.

Who should repair or service my car air conditioner?
An automotive licensed technician is the best person to service or repair your car air conditioning. They have the right qualifications and are licensed to identify the cause of the leak and repair it to minimise the risk of future leaks.


Why do I need to have my Vehicle Airconditioner serviced?
All vehicle air conditioning systems leak to a lesser or greater degree. The losses occur through refrigerant escaping through the pipe joins as a result of vibration and ageing of rubber hoses and ‘O’ ring seals, as well as through the seal on the front of the compressor shaft. Dryers can also become blocked

How often should my Vehicle Airconditioner be Inspected / Service?
An Annual Inspection is sufficient to check system condition and overall performance. A Service of the system should be carried out at least every two years even if it appears to be working well. It is estimated that you lose between 5 to 10% of the initial gas charge over a two year period and this figure is based on new vehicles.