Re-Gassing” your Car’s A/C

On hot, sunny days, few things are more frustrating than having to ride around in a car with a non-functional cooling system.

If your car’s air-conditioning system blows only warm air on hot days, it’s probably because it is low on refrigerant, and the most likely cause is a leak somewhere in the system.

Let’s take a closer look at what causes car air conditioners to blow warm air and when car cooling systems may need to be recharged.

“Re-Gassing” Of your Car’s AC System Is Not Necessary
Though many car owners think they need to recharge or “top up” their air-conditioning system with refrigerant on a regular or annual basis, this is NOT the case.

An AC system is a closed system, and if there are no problems, coolant is not consumed by the vehicle, nor does it escape. Unless your auto’s AC is in need of repair, there is no need to “top off” the system. If the air conditioning stops working but the fan continues to blow warm air, a leak in a hose, connector or other part of the system is probably the culprit.

If there is a leak in a hose or anywhere else in the AC, the system on most modern vehicles is designed to shut down once the refrigerant level drops to a certain level in order to prevent damage to the air-conditioning compressor. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and keeps it flowing throughout the system.

When there is not enough refrigerant in the AC, serious compressor damage may occur. Generally speaking, compressor repair on certain models can be fairly expensive so getting more than one quote is recommended.

If you’re Car Air Conditioner does need to be re-gassed

The EPA advises that a complete evacuation and recharge should always be done by a professional, the repair shop will be able to test the complete system and recharge it with the precise amount of refrigerant recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

They will also have the necessary equipment to check every component for leaks and should show you proof and supply you with a quote before going ahead with any repairs.

OR you could be proactive and have your vehicles A/C serviced every 2nd year which will help delay the onset of any major problems.