Getting what you paid for??

Are you getting the service or repair you’re paying for?

How do you know if a filter or part should be replaced or has been replaced if you have been Invoiced for its replacement?

We recommend you check the owner’s manual for your vehicle or go onto¬†¬†before booking a mechanical or A/C service with any provider so that you are aware of the works recommended at that particular service.

We also recommend you ask your service provider to keep your old parts for you and to provide you with a record of the part numbers for new parts supplied.

Notwithstanding manufacturer’s recommended replacement time frames/kilometres travelled, based on our 35 years of experience servicing motor vehicle air-conditioning systems, the past 6 years in Mt Isa,

Mt Isa Auto Air recommends that cabin/pollen filters in vehicles located in the Mt Isa area should be replaced at least every 6 months to minimise possible damage to your evaporator and possible health risks associated with dirty and contaminated filters.