Vehicle air conditioning and gas safety
The gas used in your vehicle’s air conditioning system is regulated under Queensland law for your safety. Allowing untrained persons to undertake work or use unapproved gases in your vehicle poses a significant safety risk, and can result in significant and expensive damage to your air conditioning system

Regassing safely.– When having your air conditioning system repaired or re-gassed it is important that you:

  • only use approved gases
  • ensure that a licenced or authorised person performs the work
  • never undertake unlicensed gas work or attempt to retrofit a vehicle’s air conditioning system with unapproved gases
  • report all suspected illegal gas work to the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate on 13 74 68 or (07) 3330 4241.

What consumers report
Consumers commonly report that unapproved gases known as hydrocarbon refrigerants have been used to re-gas their vehicle air conditioning. Cheap vehicle air conditioning services are typically advertised on social media and the work is often done in residential garages and driveways by unlicensed persons for a cheap price. Read more about the illegal use of hydrocarbon refrigerants.