The Perfect Storage Tank for Style Side Dual Cab Vehicles. Utilise wasted space. Eliminates the need for heavy lifting. Compatible with most existing. Read More
TOOL BOXES AWA Storage Boxes have been made specifically to accompany the existing range of Water and Diesel Tanks slotting straight into. Read More
PORTABLE FRIDGES All upright fridges are designed specifically for built-in or freestanding use in off-grid and mobile situations throughout Australia Read More
LOW COOLANT ALARMS Engine SaverĀ® constantly monitors coolant level in your engine Over 70% of major engine blow-ups are caused by coolant loss un-detected. With Engine SaverĀ® you don’t have to drill a hole in Read More
QUALITY WINDOW INSULATION Keep the heat out in summer. Nine layers of material ensure excellent insulation, reducing air-conditioning costs and eliminating damage to your vehicle’s interior. Read More

Introducing the new Motorbike Water Tanks and Lockers . Quantity Single -35L / Double 150L Water. Also storage lockers which can be fitted standing up or laying down. . Read More